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leg workouts - From the start when I have joined a gym, I have always seen that most of the people don’t come when it is leg day workout I asked many guys why you don’t come to leg day and most of the people were like “dude no one notices your legs” I was shocked so that’s why I thought to tell you all the importance of thigh workouts and I will also tell you best leg exercises that you can perform very easily in the gym.

Importance of leg workouts

So my friends, first of all, it is not good to think that no one notices your legs, think for once that you have a good physique, your chest bicep or you can say your upper body is top notch but if someone will notice that your legs are not even little muscular and your butt is not defined then my friend it will look like your legs are not part of your upper body so to maintain a proper physique thigh workouts are very important.

These are the best leg workouts


This is one of the easiest leg workouts to do it will help you to strengthen your glutes.
It is a type of bodyweight exercise that you can even do in your home without any weights.


- Keep your feet slightly wider than your hips
- Make sure that your toes should be pointed outwards
- Look straight or you can just focus on one spot on the wall
- Go down slowly while focusing on that point the wall and always tighten your back 
- Make sure your feet will be in contact with the ground
- And don’t go to complete rest position while going down 
- Now go up to the starting position.
This thigh workout is a basic exercise and it will hit all of your legs muscles.

2.Barbell squat

This thigh workout is known as the “king of leg workouts”. This exercise helps to increase the size of the legs muscles, it is heavyweight exercise so it will increase testosterone level.

Instructions –

- Keep your feet wider than your hips
- Toes should be pointed little outwards
- Focus on one point on the wall while doing this exercise
- Grab a barbell and place it on your shoulder with some weight according to your capability
- Tighten your back while going down and when you are going to touch the rest position before that come up to the stating position
Make sure there will be a person who can help you.

3.Leg press 

leg day workout is nearly incomplete without this exercise this is one of the best leg exercises, the leg press is a excellent workout this exercise hits most of your legs muscles which includes glutes, quadriceps, and hamstring.


- Have a seat on the leg press machine place your feet on the plate about your shoulder width.
- Straight your legs to unlock the safety pin.
- Slowly go down and don’t touch your knees to your chest.
- And then go to the starting position.
- Remember not to fully straighten your legs if you are doing exercise with a heavyweight.

4. Romanian Deadlift

This exercise focuses on the hamstring muscles which protects knees from getting any injury, remember that form Is very important in this exercise.


- Grab a barbell with a weight according to your capacity
- Place your feet on your shoulder width, bend your knees little bit
- Make sure your back is flat, the chest is up and arms are straight
- Keep the barbell close to your legs 
- Pull the barbell and keep your back straight it will also work on your lower back
- Go back to the rest position but don’t loosen your back.

5. Standing calf raises

When we are talking about thigh workouts then we can't forget about calves this is a basic exercise for calf


- Straight your back and remember not to lock your knees
- Knees should be a little bent
- Start without any weights
- Breathe in when you go up your toes should always have to touch the ground
- After sometime pick some dumbbells to add some weight or if you have a machine that can also work.

So I have told you best leg exercises, remember to eat a good meal after this workout
Thank you
Written by:- Abhishek kumar

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