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leg workouts - From the start when I have joined a gym, I have always seen that most of the people don’t come when it is leg day workout I asked many guys why you don’t come to leg day and most of the people were like “dude no one notices your legs” I was shocked so that’s why I thought to tell you all the importance of thigh workouts and I will also tell you best leg exercises that you can perform very easily in the gym.

Importance of leg workouts
So my friends, first of all, it is not good to think that no one notices your legs, think for once that you have a good physique, your chest bicep or you can say your upper body is top notch but if someone will notice that your legs are not even little muscular and your butt is not defined then my friend it will look like your legs are not part of your upper body so to maintain a proper physique thigh workouts are very important.
These are the best leg workouts
This is one of the easiest leg workouts to do it will help you to strengthe…

Triceps workouts | Best triceps exercise for gym lovers

Tricep workouts- Everyone wants bigger arms because they make looks of a man more muscular. But I saw most of the people are focusing on just biceps to grow the size of Arms.
This is not the case, let me clear you that our arms contains 2 main muscles Biceps and triceps, but biceps-only contains 30-40% muscles of our arms rest of the muscle come under our triceps.
Best triceps exercise- So today I am going to tell you 5 basic and effective triceps workout that you can perform in your gym. These are the 5 exercises.
1. Close-grip Bench Press 2. Rope Tricep Pushdown 3. Tricep Dips (Advanced) 4. Overhead Triceps Extension 5. Skullcrushers (Lying Triceps Extensions)

1. Close-grip Bench Press
The close Bench press is an extraordinary Tricep Workout to work your chest. Putting your hands nearer together causes it so your triceps to need to work more enthusiastically, which can lead to new development and more quality of triceps and chest muscles.
How to do
- Every one of us has done bench pr…

Best Chest workout- Chest workouts for Beginners

Best chest workout- If you want to look bigger and more muscular then you should train your chest nicely, a wide chest can give you a sexy look because as we grow our clothing fits our body better. So today I'm gonna tell you some Chest workouts which you can perform in your gym
to grow your chest.

First let me clear you one thing that you don't have to train your body parts daily, because after you hit the gym your muscles get torn and when it recovers muscles grow bigger than before and for these muscles need For eg: when we train our biceps it take some time to increase recovery time. So the conclusion is that you should train your one body part once or twice a weak. I have also written about best biceps workout

There are 3 main parts of our chest which you have to focus -
1. Upper chest
2. Mid chest
3. lower chest

I will tell you chest workouts that will hit all the 3 parts of the chest and I can definitely say that this is the best chest workout for beginners. These exerc…